Live 3D printing @ GDS

Imagine that in the future you could download 3D shoe design files, adjust them to your digital foot scan and print them out, including a fully functional electrical circuit with wifi, so your shoe can help you find the way home or prevents you from falling. Far fetched? Maybe not!

Slem will show you the latest developments in 3D printing, scanning and wearable technology throughout Hall 3 at GDS in Dusseldorf fromJuly 29-31. This Digital Craft Highlight Route shows how far we already are with all kinds of new technology for footwear.
Slem has turned booth 3-A76 into a live 3D printing factory, demonstrating a full sequence of foot scanning, 3D design and 3D printing in collaboration with Delcam. With a range of 3D printers we will be printing fully wearable shoes and outsole prototypes, using Filaflex, a stretch material that is especially suitable for printing shoes. Besides training, SLEM also consults on innovation in footwear, both in the areas of design, business and technology. We have developed a highly efficient tool to analyze the best opportunities for innovation for each company. At GDS you can get a quick taster of how this works! Go and scan your best options in booth 3-A76!

In 3-D76 we present the results of a recent summer course in wearable technology for sneaker design that was held in collaboration with Rhode Island School of Design (USA). The designs are stunning and all functional, from shoes that incorporate a weather station to running shoes that play music adjusted to your stride. In 3-D76 you will also find the 3D Printing FAQ: a quick and easy video explaining the basics of 3D printing, specifically for footwear.

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