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Fashion meets technology: the stainless shirt

As fashion and technology are inventing new ways to congregate, futuristic fabrics have been in development for some time now. Fashion startup Dropel Fabrics wants to close the gap between everyday clothes and wearable technology. The six-month-old company has set out to  integrate its hydrophobic textiles — which allow spilled liquids to roll right off the fabric — into the production cycles of popular retailers and up-and-coming designers.

Dropel isn’t the only hydrophobic fabric out there, but it has a promising feature that others don't: It feels almost exactly like plain-Jane cotton. Dropel’s goal isn’t to start its own line of hydrophobic clothes, which other startups have done, but rather to stain-proof everyday cotton fabrics, from kids’ clothes to button-down shirts. Six retailers, including menswear and home furnishing brands, have already partnered with the company.

To achieve its magic the ISO-certified textiles are produced by adding stain-repelling nanotechnology into the fabric between the dyeing and knitting process. This allows their gear to fend off just about any liquid, as long as no physical pressure is applied, according to Dropel co-founder and President Bradley Feinstein. The cost of producing the garments with the technology rose only 5%, while retailers can see up to a 40% increase in sales, according to a client case study. “This is everyday wear,” Feinstein said. “Just better.”

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