crosses the Dutch Border

Sneaker search engine crosses the border.

The Utrecht start up that in a short time grew to over 1 million page views a month is going across the border.

The “Shazam for sneakers”, according to its founders is an online media platform that allows the user to quickly and easily find the right sneaker in the right size of all relevant brands. By using social media, followers receive a daily update on new releases, blogs and the best sellers to ‘hunt’ for. And by using the added ‘sneakermatch’, will scour the net in search of sneakers you put forward but aren’t readily found. In this way, we apply the principle of crowd listening, and so we work together to build a complete sneaker search engine.

So sneakerjagers going across the border, is only a logical step. “Our rapid growth shows that we’re meeting a need and we think it’s a need not bound by borders. In addition, we make our product range more attractive and bigger with this expansion. Our fellow countrymen can then for example choose between styles and colours that would normally not be directly available in the Netherlands”, says co-founder Stefan Doppenberg.

With the first steps have been made toward German-speaking countries. And after the summer the UK will follow, then France and Spain. “We’ve made a deal with ourselves, stating that quality is more important that the rate of our growth.” It’s anticipated that Jagers will be active in seven countries by the end of this year.

Note for the editors:

Sneakerjagers was founded in late 2015 as a part of Stepr-online in Utrecht. The sneaker platform has since amassed more than 290k followers on social media channels in NL/DE/UK and more that 1 million page views a month on

Sneakermatch finds hundreds of matches each week.

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